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The Homosexual and the Alpha Male

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The Homosexual and the Alpha Male Empty The Homosexual and the Alpha Male

Post by mannequin Mon Apr 20 2015, 20:50

The level of feminine intensity takes on a social sexual direction within the homosexual which causes him to apply a social standard judgement towards all men regarding their physical and social sophistication. The initial observation is a perception for impression based on strength and performance.

The physical attributes are processed first which instantly manifests in a focus towards a particular person, the higher the natural attraction is regarding the physical attributes the more concentrated the focus is and the more leeway is given in respect to potential, if there is a lack being perceived. This same leeway can backfire when given by the female towards the male, the confusion of the confidence/ignorance factor intensifies the backfiring.

The leeway given by the homosexual can also backfire as the attraction for the male tends to morph into admiration and fondness, even if their is a lack of social performance, the fondness will be rooted in the sexual attraction of the physicality, which could possibly annoy and agitate the male, especially if he is heterosexual, as the fondness is expressed in staring, smiling and generally a feminine communicative approach, which is unfamiliar to the heterosexual male expressed by another male,  often invoking fear and attack, other times avoidance if the male is slightly more rational.

If an attack takes place then it will invoke fear in the homosexual male, but it's a different type of fear, an unusual form of fear that is sexually stimulating and will increase the attraction, adding a thrilling component now that contact has been made, whether it be physical or just conscious awareness. The fear/attraction places the homosexual into a predicament, on one hand he doesn't want to ruin his chances by continuing the same approach, risking being disliked by someone he is so fond of, the homosexual can easily communicate on the exact same level creating a bond with the male but it isn't enough because on the other hand he wants to be known, he wants to be special to him with the hope that he can change him and engage in sexual emotional interaction at the same time absorb him.

The homosexual grows frustrated and longs to be with the one he finds attractive, the closest he will come to interaction at this point is provoking an emotional response in the male as a way of drawing attention to himself and dealing with his own frustration, he tries to push and push the male over the edge by playing games intentionally threatening the males authority provoking an aggressive response, an act of violence which is felt as a personal moment of intimacy, ultimately a domination.

The homosexual is the mutated form of that which he is naturally attracted to. The homosexual grows obsessive, fascinated by the males maturity and ability to express himself in a such a concentrated manner with ease and a high level of self management and confidence, the flow is enjoyed from a distance. The homosexual must maintain a distance in order to enjoy such a display of beauty and to entertain the idea of a possible escape through unity and pathway back to correct himself.

The femininity of the homosexual brings the reality of the male into view when the distance shortens revealing the vulnerability of the male to himself and the homosexual. The homosexual becomes displeased by what is revealed because of the vulnerability is expressed with fear, shattering his initial perception of the male, the perception of a fearless warrior. At this point, the homosexual will need to emphasize in order to rebuild the attraction through the contrasting moments experienced by the male. The homosexual can see the child within the male and the end of the male, this is made clear by the mutating reality within regarding emotional femininity splitting with a manly masculinity.

The homosexual can see the alpha with in the male, his dominion and position, often triggering excitement and thrill when the male manages his environment fearlessly and whilst calmly being aware of the threats around him, the homosexual can observe the males advanced awareness and catch every expression, intention and this circumstance, the only ones who know the reality, is the alpha male, homosexual and the females, and they all know that the other knows, this is where the fear comes about which only effects the alpha male as he is in a rising position, the homosexual and the female are already set, and often become THE fear for the male as he will never be able to top such a setting of power as he can never trespass that limit.

The alpha male exposes his level of awareness and sophistication by flexing his masculine dominance over the other males, since he has the overall power he will play with the other males, almost like flirting without the sexual context. He will cradle the other male, even give him advice expressed in a very relaxed manner accompanied with eye contact and smiling, it is a form of intimacy, one the alpha male is fond of as he can flex his strength through such acts of intimacy and establish his authority at the same time, it doesn't necessarily have to have negative connotations, it can be apart of the alpha males maturity expressing developed maternity and paternity like behavior.

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