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Post by Dæmon Mon Jul 11 2016, 17:43

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Geo-Politics Empty 001

Post by Dæmon Mon Jul 11 2016, 17:49

Within a contained environment, such as the planet earth, the next phase in human organizing is the Super-State, or the Superorganism.
Organism, social group, tribe, city-state, nation-state, super-state… single state?
Globalization at hand.

Geo-Politics World-10

Huntington’s Clash of Civilizations is unfolding.

Geo-Politics 20091010

Huntington places Europe in the American sphere of influence, as any “American patriot” would.
This would make the current situation in Europe, with its European Union under the domination of Franco-Germany an internal cultural conflict – a genetic split that underlies a memetic commonality – west Modernity.
I place the fissure line along the Pagan, and Judeo-Christian memetic conflict, with the genetic component being the part ignored, or buried beneath the Nihilistic meme of Modernity – now expressed by the U.S. and its culture-of-no-culture: Americanism.

Multiculturalism is the last stage before Americanism, and its generic culture-of-no-culture.
It dilutes the host culture by introducing into it foreign elements that slowly overwhelm it, after they are placed at par, as another product to be chosen, purchased, consumed.  
Americanism is Globalization in practice.
Nihilism reduced the resistant of the host meme, by tearing it away from its genetic underpinnings.
It makes of a people’s identity, their heritage, another abstraction – a noumenon with no connections to phenomena.
Once the process of detachment has reached a certain degree of success, the introduction of alien memes, particularly Nihilistic ones, finish the job.
This is how soft-power works.

Geo-Politics Images17

Marxism and its outcrops, such as the Anarchy movement, further weakens internal cohesion, allowing the memetic virus to enter through the fissures created.

Essentially, once you’ve eliminated natural identifiers you’ve released the masses into a state of alienated, confused limbo, so “lost” that any “positive” identifier will do.
Distrust for government, non-participation in the political process (indifference) maintains a distance between individual and the group.
Unlike the detachment of individual from group, caused by heightened awareness, and more advanced discrimination, this detachment is artificially cultivated, exploiting the average minds lower level awareness and lack of discrimination.  
Nihilistic identifiers have the advantage of offering a sense of self free from determined past, and the “freedom” to reinvent self in accordance with the particular weakness in each individual.
Identity becomes another product on the market place – a pleasure product.  

Geo-Politics Images17

The alliance of Church & State is dissolved when State goes global, and cannot tolerate any identifier that prevents integration of heterogeneity into its homogenizing institutions.
Church, as institution representing Nihilistic spirituality, becomes another product, among all the others, on the table of choices available to the masses: another ideology, another source of ideals that contradict the real.
Consumerism fragments the masses, making them helpless before the power of the State, and each one, alienated from his neighbours, sees in government the source of his alienation.

MANifeto: Society – Insitutionalization - Government

Church was not separated from State, it was absorbed by it.
The State became a divine entity, having no corporeal essence.
Separation of Church from State was a formality – a show.
Marx had already paved the way.

Geo-Politics Images17

The tactic of allowing an operation to proceed, without intervening, is an established practice in American global tactics.
From the attack on Pearl Harbour, the U.S. permitted an attack that would make them the "victims", to the attack on 9/11 that would allow the U.S., again under the mantle of "victim", to re-frame its post Cold-War alliances.
We must not forget how it sat back, allowing Europe to destroy itself, and only found an excuse when the Russians had turned the tides of war against Germany.
We can assume that if Germany had defeated the Soviets, U.S. would have then sued for peace with the Axis, after it had pushed back, or held back, Japanese aggression in the Pacific, consolidating its territories.

It was the Russians, not the Americans and the Brits that defeated the Germans.With the Atlantic ocean as a buffer, the U.S. stood back, allowing the combatants to exhaust themselves, aiding one side, because it preferred it to be left at the end, and in the meantime selling their "aid" on credit, that would be paid back tenfold, after the are, especially by the British.

The commonality between Britain and the U.S. can be traced back to the American Civil War, when the last remnants of Norse aristocracy were defeated by the rabble, leftover from British colonialism, with hatred of Anglo-Saxon resentment towards the Norse.
An alliance that would be solidified in a post-war America, with millions of European refugees, that had lost everything during the war, with Ashkenazim Jews first and foremost on the list.
Victims of Egyptian dominance, and victims of Norse dominance, found in each other a kindred spirit, and merged in the meting pot of America.
World War 2 history was written to reflect this new world dynamic.
To this day morons in the west are convinced that it was the benevolent U.S. that finally defeated the "evil" Nazis....German nationalism now converted to an ideology, to permit Western Germany, and later unified Germany, to be reintegrated back into the sphere of dominance.

German paganism now mocked s a occultism, a type of devil worship, by the now Christianized Americanism, that no longer required the church to be divided... since it had been integrated through Nihilism, and Church/State now simplified as secular humanism, or the culture-f-no-culture Americanism...known by different names, one of which is McDonalization of life.

Democracy is what we now call the merger of Church and State.
All deserve to be saved, if they surrender to the State, under which all are potential "sinners/criminal"; all are equal beneath God, now become the State - government its earthly representation, replacing the priesthood, the church.
the leader could be anyone...upon approval of the masses - humanity now the new name of Divinity.
Whereas the leader, in the past, was a genetic/memetic member of the people he governed, now he ought to be a generic image with no substance, name with no identity - the institution rules, the "leader" is the figurehead, the High priest of the Lord.

Geo-Politics Images17

Cold War was a war over the spoils - two variants of Nihilism, one Anglo-Saxon, Judeo-Christian, the other a secular form of Judeo-Christianity/Islam, Marxism.

Cross contamination resulted in a stalemate, which then was decided economically.
Modernity is a mix of Marxism and Judeo-Chrsitian/Islam... mix of Capitalism and Socialism.
The ongoing political debate is over the extent to which Marxism will infringe upon Judeo-Christian/Islamic spiritual domains.
The compromise was found in the Icon of money.
all was reduced to a product to be purchased, used, and then thrown  out to be recycled at a later date in new packaging - baptismal rites.

Money bridging the gap between God and Humanity - the common ground of church and state, or Marxism and Judaeo-Christian/Islam.
With money resources were abstracted, all was given intrinsic, measurable, value.
The standard of measurement was supply/demand....popularity determining quality, in other words quantities now the standard of evaluating qualities.
Commission tried to resit this deification of money, wanting to preserve the Humanity symbol beneath which all were equally sinful, distinguished only by contribution, loyalty to the Lord Humanity, and its priesthood of upper party members.
but the power of money, its tangible intangibility, its power to symbolically correct genetic inferiority, and purchase what each and every individual lacked in  inheritance, was too seductive, to easy for the masses, to resist.
Money that asked for nothing but to be worshiped....accumulated, worked for, collected like one offers prayers.
With money nothing mattered except it....fat, weak, dimwitted, short, tall, all genetic factors revealing an inferior past/nature, covered over with money, credits....all can be purchased, love, respect, knowledge, status...salvation.

Geo-Politics Images17

With the exit of Britain immanent, some talk has began about a closer European Union - one that would involve a common external policy, and a shared defensive system.
A difficult project when it would demand 2% of GDP contributions from all participating members who have NATO as their "defensive shield", and would find it difficult to justify such an expenditure to their voters.
Perhaps not something immediately possible, but increasingly so as U.S. power continues to decline as it already has began to, and defensive need will force some to take the risk of exiting NATO, especially nations, such as Greece, who have unresolved conflicts with other NATO member states. A Trump win will be a further blow on NATO.
A further considerations that as U.S. doctrine shifts its interests and alliances, making western States in Europe less important within the NATO alliance, this slow shift in balances will increase internal EU moves to create its own defensive shield, escaping the shadow of U.S. hegemony, in a world dominated by Super-States.

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Geo-Politics Empty 002

Post by Dæmon Mon Jul 11 2016, 17:53

Modern Greece is a tutorial on how to manipulate human stupidity, and how to exploit human ignorance, using need, pleasure, sheltering.
A crypto-Marxist government, SYRIZA, elected selling lies, now reinventing black as white, to the morons that were duped by its romantic "positivity".
But this is what charlatans, liars, hypocritical shamans depend on to become "powerful", to attain through other as quantities what they lack in self as qualities.

How many morons can you trick, and for how long can you maintain the lie?
Other is the only way Nihilism can feel powerful, because tis symbols refer to nothing in the world.
There is no promise there.
What is left to these desperate fakes but to fake it and hope there are enough imbeciles to support them in their noetic delusion: power through other, through numbers/symbols, quantities, abstractions void of content, but full of emotion, sensation, impressive imagery. .

Let us watch and see how long it will take millions of Judeo-Christian morons to wake up to reality.

What does Hellenic mean to the Modern?
Nation, idea, abstraction, feeling.

Geo-Politics Images17

Unlike what many think, Brexit was not about immigrants from Syria, but from inside Europe, primarily from Poland.
The English wanted access to European markets but no Europeans.
They wanted an economic union, not a political one, making them anti-Europe.
They contributed 20% to Europe's GDP and received 14% back, making their contributions only a 6% net-worth.

Let's see if this Brexit will not result in a total disbanding of the British empire, starting with Scotland.
There is already a consolidation of power in Europe, with a meeting between France, Germany and Italy, and with the win of the conservatives in Spain, and the Podemos falling to third - Podemos the Spanish version of Greece's SYRIZA.

Discussion on establishing a common foreign affairs, necessitating a shared army has bee placed on the table.
A European army would mean a 2% of GDP contribution by every member state. A difficult proposition when NATO is already demanding such payments.
This is where the conflict between Franco-German Europe and U.S. dominance will take place in the coming years, with Russia as a counter-balance, profiting from the weakening of NATO, and American hegemony.
A unified and independent Europe would also be entirely dependent no Russian fuel resources.

Geo-Politics Images17

Geo-Politics Downlo10

The prick, Nigel Farage, quits, after leading his country out of Europe, proving, once more, how demagogues, can manipulate morons, and naive idiots, and then cut and run when what they thought was good turns out to be a pipe-dream only an imbecile would fall for.
But there are those who cheered when Britain voted to leave the European Union because, being clueless, they equated it as individuation, or freedom form centralized control, not realized what is occurring in the world and why.
Unable to grasp the dynamics they settled for an emotional response, with no goal other than immediate gratification.

He's no different than this clown...

Geo-Politics Downlo11...who promised the idiotic masses in Greece everything and is now delivering the opposite, proving to be the most capitalistic government Greece has ever known, and they call themselves Marxists.
As always, Nihilism must, MUST, lie, to survive in a world it denounces as non-existent or declares to be an illusion.

But this is how charlatans take advantage of naive, simpletons, throughout the world.
All they have to do is insinuate a promising outcome, some extraordinary goal - the more surreal the better for a population nurtured in Abrahamic Nihilism and used to falling for the supernatural, to cope with the natural.

Geo-Politics Images17

The process is quite predictable, really.
First you have a population that has experienced a long period of comfort and safety, has become spoiled, and then you have a slow decline, ironically produced by the comfort and sheltering.
The moment this same population begins to feel discomfort, or begins slipping out of the sheltering, comfortable, state it has become accustomed to some clown, like Farage appears, to sell them a pip[e-dream.
The clown could be a plant, inserted there to exploit feebleness and topple the structure, or he might be genuinely stupid and naive, and dim-witted, finding communion with the masses who are just like him.

At first you have a period of jubilee, like in Greece where they danced in the streets as if they had suddenly, and magically, rid themselves of a debt they amassed by voting in clowns that sold them a story they wanted to believe was true.
But, soon afterwards, this infantile joy, as is occurring now, makes way for more sobering realities....and the coming pain.

See, a clown, a lair, a naive dim-wit might be successful in convincing those who are dumber than he, but does he truly convince reality of anything?
Does he change the world with his happy words, and positive words full of possibility?

Of course does not give a shit about human words.
But this is why Nihilists always lie, or contradict their words with actions.
We see it in something and as mundane as those who declare appearances as being superficial, and then behaving in ways that go against their won principles....and that is only a tiny example.
nihilism must lie, first to collect all the ones afraid of reality, and the world and their place within  it, and they must lie because their "perspective" is all in the mind, and has no connection to anything g experienced, selling positive dreams to the brain-dead, and half-awake, soon finds a world out there, that is indifferent to political jargon, and broad smiles and firm handshakes.

All ideologies and spirituality and philosophies, that are partly or completely Nihilistic are full of shit - they promise their followers what they cannot deliver.....happily Christianity promises something in the beyond, leaving the inevitable disappointment unsettled.  

Consider the case of the U.S. with its nihilistic dismissal of past/nature, in its culture-of-no-culture, promoting delusions that intelligence is not genetic, producing race-mixing.
The decline is palatable, forcing them to import brains, form other remain competitive.
Decline produced by illusions, such as sex and race are social fabrications, have added to U.S. decline, and it continues to tumble as race-mixing and equality sells its Nihilistic ideal, to morons and imbeciles, more than happy to believe that their inferiority is simply a consequence of repression, or economic injustices.

i still remember how happy the morons were when SYRIZA won the election in Greece. the same morons rejoicing with the recent Brexit.
You can pick them out in a crowd, if they open their mouths, which they always do, being the loudest and dullest.

A level of naivete that one can only hope is faked, and that underlying it is an ulterior motive.

The big lie is that there is no "outside" centralized control.
Leaving the European superstructure means you return to the hegemony of the U.S., not to independence, whatever that means.
In this world, as it is, there is no "outside".
No single nation, even the size of Britain, can survive in a world full of SuperStates, as no single city-state would survive outside some Hellenic alliance in ancient times, and on tribe lost in the Amazon could survive once discovered by a European nation state.

We have a blatant manipulation of ego, and adolescent psychologies- how media is used to exploit the masses in their ignorant bliss, and hedonistic pursuits.

Moderns are so disconnected from nature, the world, and themselves within it, that they cannot make rational judgments, projecting probabilities accurately.
They live in their own subjective uni-verse, immune to everything outside their emotions, and projected ideals.
With no external objective standard they repeatedly fail to understand the situation.

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Geo-Politics Empty 003

Post by Dæmon Mon Jul 11 2016, 17:56

Turkey pushes for reconciliation with Israel, and Russian, after years of attempting to become a major player in the middle east.
The reason?
Russia enters dynamically in Syria, wanting to protect its interests and the pipeline planned to go through Iran and northern Iraq, in competition with the American interest with their own pipeline to go through Syria and Israel, and then perhaps exit in Cyprus, or go via Turkey to the Aegean coast.

The new player in the area are the Kurds.
40 million+ strong, and having achieved major victories against Isis.
Isis that was cooperating with Turkey, selling cheap fuel and receiving weapons, has opened a corridor towards the Mediterranean, effectively blocking Isis, from Turkey.
This is the real reason they downed the Russian fighter.

This also stops the influx of refugees from Syria, used by the Turks to put pressure on Europe and to weaken the Greeks.
Turkey loses her gambit, because of the Kurds.
The U.S. is now forced to come to a compromise with the Russians, now that their puppet-state, the Turks, is quarantined.  
But the U.S. has been using third-party states to do her bidding, as she pretends to be a benevolent, unbiased power in the world.
Their third-party in Europe was, until recently, the U.K.
What is in the working now is the process of destabilizing Europe to prevent the Germans, allied with the french, from rising, again.
A postwar adjustment - using economics instead of arms.

U.S. and its Judeo-Christian Abrahamic spirit, has been using "soft power" to flex its superpower muscle.
Soft power means destroying regional culture, spirituality, families... connecting a people to their heritage, replacing it with their own McDonalds type "culture" of no culture - fast food civilization.
Debt slavery is how they enslave their minions...after they've made them accustomed to hedonistic materialism, softening their spirit; race mixing diluting the blood of a people, making it more vulnerable to uni-versal infections - the memetic virus of Nihilism, or Modernity.

U.S. power is declining... we see this in the recent events.
The negro issue, is an internal fissure.
Used for decades to deal with Marxism and its class warfare dualism, it is now a problem they must deal with.
The "surprise" of the common imbecile Modern relating to race, is built upon the delusion that race is insignificant, and a product of social engineering... when the reverse is the case.

Rome's decline was signified when an alien tribe ascended to the post of Cesar... and Obama is such a signifier for declining American hegemony.
A "dominance" founded on geographic and political isolation, and exploiting conflicts in Europe.
We must remember that the Russians were the first to "turn the tides of war" against the Germans... and not the Americans.
The Americans who only entered the war in Europe after the defeat of the Germans in Stalingrad.
Playing on both sides as the Rothschilds did.

But their own tactics are now working against them
Decades of Nihilism and race-mixing, and dumbing-down, has forced them to import brain-power and to outsource jobs spoiled Americans are no longer able to do, or willing to do... increasing the class divide within a heterogeneous union where money has replaced culture as the unifying ideal.
Church and state unifying into a abstraction represented by the code of resources: money, now deified by releasing it from its gold standard - its earthly limits and references.
Money, now a God that can save the average from his own mediocrity - the meek shall inherit the earth....with money.

Geo-Politics Images17

Kissinger urges the U.S. to consolidate European allies, including Russia, to deal with China.
Zbigniew Brzezinski advises a pushing away of Russia, towards Chinese dominance to create a more unified Euro-American front.

Geo-Politics Images17

Genetic relations, as memetic regulators  
Family acted as a micro-representation of the grander meme.
The leader was a kind of “father figure”, no different than the man of the house.
Each son and daughter saw in the tribal leader a version of their own biological father.
With the advent of Modernity and its all-leveling steamrolling Nihilism, the head of state has become a stranger – some iconic representation of the multiplicity acting as an abstraction, a figurehead for a faceless concept: nation.
With this relationship of leader with a family’s own figurehead, or the absence of a family, and a father, altogether, the relationship is disrupted.
The boy or girls has no way to relate to the head of state.
He is another abstraction of relativity, one which can easily be substituted by any other; an example of ambition succeeded when it plays by the rules, and it makes of itself marketable to the majority.  
Without this emotional relation of family, to nation, nationalism becomes an idea(l) associated with its own negation, or associated with a noetic construct, a pure symbol with no tangible existence.
This is also the problem behind the European Union project.
Family dilutes sentimental connections to nation state, and a strong nationalism dilutes and prevents the emergence of a SuperState nationalism, and with the latter missing there is no possibility of unity.
Dissolution of traditional family structures, disillusions the individual to the notion of nation, directing it towards a marketing abstraction, an idea(l) with no substantiality.
Nation becomes associated with a Nihilistic idea(l) that rejects past/nature, and so it cannot find tradition, connections to precedent, and without these no bigger relations with other tribes on a genetic/memetic level is possible.
Each individual cowers within its family unity, if it is fortunate enough to have one, or lacking this, it seeks compensation in idea(l)s with no references to anything perceptible, leaving it in a perpetual state of restless hungering, and unfocused longing.
With no such strong family connections its relation to nation may substitute for a noetic “family structure” which then prevents a relationship on a genetic level.
The individual seeks validation, identity in constant separation, rejection of all groups, using noumena as abstract stand-ins.
Without any corporeal representation of the shared idea(l), connecting the individual to a genetic past, the individual makes of itself the representation, or submits to an abstraction that has no flesh-blood relationships to the idea(l), but is pure noumenon which is represented by anyone disciplining himself/herself to its principles.

Family connected individual to tribe, later evolving into City-State and then Nation State.
In heterogeneous unities, family acts as inhibitor, explaining why it has to be reduced to an emotional relationship, so as to permits the children to then be integrated into the heterogeneity of Modern unities, under the premise of a vague abstraction.
Nationalism, in turn, inhibits larger unities when it has become pure idea(l), with no memetic connection to a shared genetic past/nature.

A missing "pater" leads to a disillusioned people, who, like children, lack the inspiration to develop patriotism founded on past/nature.
Patriotism evolves as a ambiguous abstraction, given a symbol, a name/word, a brand icon, and a market share - a monetary value.
American patriotism identifies with "freedom" - meaning buying options, and the "right" top earn the credit to purchase the symbols of self-identification, now another version of personal brand recognition and marketing potentials.    

Geo-Politics Images17

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Geo-Politics Empty 004

Post by Dæmon Sat Jul 16 2016, 19:49

The irony of the mediocre Modern, who having detached from reality, becoming increasingly dependent on others, has no ability to define self outside idealism, and no method to place self within environment.
The consequence is a paradox, where independence from other humans, is understood as "freedom", and environment is confused for humanity in a world of no frontiers.

Moderns become entangled in their won abstractions, represented by words.
Unable to place self within the context of environment, they overestimate self, as what can become independent of environment, which for them means humanity.
After generations of being noetically detached from their own senses, they cannot perceive the looming threat of SuperStates, living in a fantasy world of nation-states, or in a world of frontiers and wild uncharted expanses where an rugger clever man can escape into, carving out a living out of nature.

But this is not the case in THIS world of ours.  
Resources are regulated, no uncharted frontiers are accessible, and no place is there left for anyone to hide, and exist independently from all other human beings.
In this environment SuperStates are heterogeneous SuperTribes, no single nation state can compete against - like no single individual can compete with a tribe in the wild.
The necessity to unite with those closest to you, genetically and memetically, is a compromises one accepts to achieve a greater goal.        

Geo-Politics Images17

There is speculation over the nature of the recent coup in Turkey.
Suspicion is roused by the Turkish army element's refusal to fire upon civilians...something not characteristic of all previous coups in that country - I believe there were four previous ones in total.
The amateur way it unfolded also arouses suspicion.

It would be a perfect way for prime minister Erdogan to rid himself of enemies in the armed forces, in the media and the Turkish justice system.
A "false flag" operation.
The "target" using its own victim status in a world where it arouses sympathy, and excuses all reactions to it.

The operation, if it is no more than another conspiracy theory, would not direct participation by the "victim", hearkening back to 9/11 and further back to the Pearl Harbour.
Security services upon discovering an operation against the nation they serve, would allow the attack to happen, perhaps helping it along by eliminating any security in place to dishearten the attackers.
They would deliberately pull away elements they are not willing to sacrifice, leaving behind only what losses are required to then produce the effect they wish to exploit.  

In the case of Turkey the events preceding the failed "coup attempt" point to a possibility of a false flag operation - turkey settling open accounts with Israel and with Russia, Erdogan leaving on vacation to a place bombed only after he had vacated the premises, the lackluster and amateurishness, and the fact that civilians could stop and disarm tank crews are all factors to consider seriously.  

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Geo-Politics Empty 005

Post by Dæmon Wed Jul 20 2016, 20:16

Geo-Politics Images17

In the shifting tides of global interests, alliances are cultivated as others atrophy.
Turkey's recent shift away from a cosmopolitan model, represented by the Turkish army and its Kemalic leanings, is now becoming autocratic Islamic.  
It's relations with the U.S. are stressed and Erdogan is constructing closer ties with Putin's Russia, now blaming the coup conspirators for the downed Russian fighter.

With the two, Israel is also 'in'.
A strange unholy alliance, all based on oil.
Oil is also the reason for U.S. Turkish strained relations.
The U.S. wanting to establish a Kurdish nation, which would threaten territories in Iraq, already nuder complete U.S. dominance, Iran, Syria, threatening Russian interests, and Chinese, by the way, and... last but not least, Turkish sovereignty over its south-eastern provinces.  
American dominance in the area, and in the world, is already waning.
When a giant dies smaller forces scramble to appropriate what is lost, vying to become big.

In this we must include the European union and its Franco-Germanic plans for a Pax Europa.

In this game the weakest parts in all unions, namely the liberals, and their Nihilistic ailment, become pawns of destabilization.
The, so called, liberals, having enjoyed their time in the sun, during the Cold War, are in all memes identifying with the genetic, a weakness to be exploited and manipulated.
They are the r/ types that promotes ideals that would destroy the nation and the heritage they belong to, always siding with a deconstruction of 'borders' and categories based no past/nature.
They are today's Christians in the catacombs, gnawing at the foundations of Rome.
Among them you will find the usual types.        

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